John Bishop pens book on How To Grow Old

Comedian John Bishop is writing a book offering advice on how to grow old.

How To Grow Old is due to be released on 17th October.

It is described as “a very funny handbook on how to face the ravages of time for all the fans who have grown older alongside John.. From how to stay fit and keep a social life, to how to not become an embarrassment, it’s John with all the warm, observational wit that remains at the heart of his comedy, but with a refreshing honesty any reader will relate to.”

John Bishop

Speaking about the book, Bishop said: “It’s for anyone starting to feel the pull of time, so hopefully anyone from their 30s up will find something to relate to and laugh at.

“If not, you are pretending to still be 25, wearing the wrong clothes and dyeing your hair… so this book isn’t really for you!”

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