Michael Sheen returns to narrate Book of Dust volume two

Michael Sheen will again lend his voice to the second book of Philip Pullman’s Book of Dust trilogy.

Sheen will narrate the UK and US versions of The Secret Commonwealth: The Book of Dust Volume Two, which will be released along with the hardback and e-book on 3rd October.

Sheen said: “There’s something wonderful about being so immersed in a world that I love so much: that’s the great privilege of narrating this audiobook. The worlds and characters that Philip Pullman has created matter; they mean a lot to me and to other people as well, and I hope that Philip’s happy with my interpretation of the characters, their dynamics and relationships.

“I’ve become so invested in Lyra through the His Dark Materials series and into this new one. InThe Secret Commonwealth I found myself so moved by what she goes through and what she’s struggling with.”

Pullman added: “I am thrilled that Michael Sheen will be returning to read the audiobook of The Secret Commonwealth. Michael was phenomenal in his reading of the characters in La Belle Sauvage, even leading to an award win last year. I have no doubt that listeners will continue to be moved and entertained by his exhilarating performance.”

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