Aidan Turner joins The Last Planet

Aidan Turner has joined the cast of Terrence Malick’s new film about the life of Christ through a series of parables.

Turner will play the role of Andrew the Apostle in The Last Planet.

The cast also includes Geza Rohrig as Jesus, Matthias Schoenaerts will portray Apostle Peter, and Mark Rylance will be Satan. According to Deadline, the cast also includes Joseph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley and Douglas Booth.

The project has been filming for a while in Italy.

Rylance revealed some details about the film during the Cannes Film Festival in May: “Terry wrote four versions of the character of Satan and I thought I would play only one. But I heard I was going to play all four. One of them must have been a woman at some point, but it was when he asked me to grow a beard that I realised I wasn’t going to do it that way.

“I’m very happy to act for Terrence Malick, but I’m intrigued, because I hear he talks to you all the time. And coming from the theatre, I’m not used to the director yelling at me while I act or tell me what to do. But his films always intrigued me.”


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