Manchester City gets animated

A new animated TV series set inside Manchester City’s academy for young footballers is in the works.

Sky Blue Academy will focus on the club’s values, such as discipline, teamwork, and inclusiveness. “We are getting together with Manchester City to create a show inspired by their academy,” one of the show’s producers told Variety“We are creating a show where football stitches these friends together. It’s about relationships, how you play as a team, and the fun they have living together.”

Because it takes so long to produce each episode, stars from the current City squad and manager Pep Guardiola aren’t expected to appear in the show.

If the show gets picked up by a broadcaster or streaming platform, producers say they could have it ready for viewers by by early 2022. It’s being aimed at 8-to-11-year-olds, and each of the planned 26 episodes will have a run time of 22-minutes. Visually, it will likely be a mix of hand-drawn and CGI animation.

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