Could Miranda make a comeback?

Miranda Hart has said she might consider bringing back her sitcom alter-ego so fans could see how she’s coping with married life.

Hart said that reuniting with her castmates for a ten-year celebration of the show made her rethink its future.

“The Such Fun Celebration felt like it could go both ways,” she said. “It could be the goodbye forever… or it could be a springboard in to some specials.

“I am very torn – part of me wants to see Gary and Miranda’s married life, part of me wonders whether the story was told and as Miranda gets older it’s a very different kind of show.

“So the answer remains – I don’t know!”

Miranda ran for three series from 2009 to 2013, with a two-part  Christmas special in 2014, which ended with her character finally marrying Gary (Tom Ellis).

I wonder how much of this is spurred by the return of Gavin and Stacey after 10 years away and Hart seeing how much viewers are looking forward to that Christmas special after a ten year break.


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