Friends keeps going…

With the big Friends reunion special being confirmed last week, it seems we still can’t get enough of our Friends.

So much so, that the Friends-themed Monopoly game that was previously only available in the UK is now launching in the US as well.

The game goes on sale via Amazon on 12th March.

It comes with six tokens that represent each of the characters: Ross’ is a dinosaur, Phoebe’s is a guitar. Monica is represented by a chef’s hat; Joey by a pizza; Rachel by a handbag; and Chandler by a sweater-vest combo.

The Monopoly money is also decorated with classic illustrations from the show, including the turkey with sunglasses that led to Chandler telling Monica he loved her, as well as the taxi owned by Phoebe’s grandma. And the board is full of iconic Friendsproperties, including apartments 19 and 20 that belonged to the gang, Joey’s boat, and even the Giant Poking Device.

friends monopoly


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