Rupert Everett is writing his third memoir

Actor Rupert Everett has signed a deal to write his third memoir, telling the story of how he set out to make a film of Oscar Wilde’s last days.

It follows two previous titles: his first memoir, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins and the follow-up, Vanished Years.

The new book is titled Tainted Glory and will be released on 8th October.

The synopsis for the book describes it as “unflinchingly honest.”

It reads: “Travelling across Europe for the film, [Everett] weaves in extraordinary tales from his past, remembering wild times, freak encounters and lost friends. There are celebrities, of course. But we also meet glamorous, but doomed Aunt Peta, who introduces Rupert (aged three) to the joys of make-up. In 1980s Paris, his great friend Lychee burns bright, and is gone. While in 1970s London, a ‘weirdly tall, beyond size zero’ teenage Rupert is expelled from the Central School of Speech & Drama.

“Unflinchingly honest and hugely entertaining, Tainted Glory offers a unique insight into the ‘snakes and ladders’ of film-making. It is also a soulful and thought-provoking autobiography from one of our best-loved and most talented actors and writers.”

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