Miriam Margolyes, Jim Carter join The Big Fix Up

Miriam Margolyes and Jim Carter are lending their voices to a new Wallace & Gromit adventure.

They’re joining the cast of The Big Fix Up, follows Wallace and his faithful hound as their latest business venture, Spick & Spanners, takes on the contract of a lifetime: to ‘Fix Up’ Bristol.

The adventure is being made in augmented reality and will be available to watch on a free app which will let viewers and play along at home as an employee, and for the first time ever, step directly into Wallace & Gromit’s world.

Margolyes takes the role of Beryl: Spick & Spanner’s AI bot; Carter is playing the role of puffed pie magnate and millionaire, Bernard Grubb, a pompous and devious businessman with lofty political aspirations. 

Isy Suttie, will play Lily Hackerby, a smart cookie with her own successful programming business, Lily has won the investment of a certain Bernard Grubb who quickly takes the quiet coder under his ample wing. 

Grace Ahmed will be Clarissa Kent: the girl who yearns to be that journalist – the one who cracks the big story, and rights the wrongs. The only trouble is none of the big broadcasters will give her a break. Not to be downtrodden, Clarissa decides to do it herself, posting her reports directly onto social media where she wins her exclusive coverage of all things Spick & Spanners. Clarissa is also a real person, meaning that for the first time ever, a real person is entering the world of Wallace and Gromit.

Speaking about his latest role, Jim Carter said: “I have always loved Wallace and Gromit and was delighted to join them for The Big Fix Up – even if I did have to play a rather unpleasant character.” 

The Big Fix Up is due to be released this autumn.

Watch: Wallace and Gromit in The Big Fix Up


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