Film Trump didn’t want you to see to get worldwide release

A new film about  a confrontation between Donald Trump and a 96-year-old Scottish widow is finally getting a release.

You’ve Been Trumped Too will debut on demand on demand from 18th August on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Journeyman VoD and Vimeo – after being held back by legal threats for four years.

Filmmaker Anthony Baxter was arrested and thrown in jail when he first discovered the water supply to Molly and her family had been cut off by Donald Trump’s workers while constructing a luxury golf resort near Aberdeen. 

The charges were thrown out and the police forced to issue an apology. However, in You’ve Been Trumped Too, Baxter is astounded to learn Molly and her son Michael who Trump branded ‘a pig’, are still without a reliable water supply five years later.

When the film was completed, the Trump Organisation threatened any cinema that showed it. The US distributor then pulled out, but now Journeyman Pictures is releasing the film worldwide.

“You’ve Been Trumped Too is the film Donald Trump doesn’t want you to see,” said director Anthony Baxter. “I believe the film’s release by Journeymen Pictures is an important landmark for freedom of speech, independent filmmaking, and, most importantly, the accountability of the rich and powerful.”


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