Lindo, Jumbo take up The Good Fight one last time

While season four is only just airing in the UK (thanks More 4), details of season five of The Good Fight have begun to leak, and two of the show’s leading actors will be back for the first episode.

Both Delroy Lindo and Cush Jumbo had announced their departures from the show following the end of season four. Now that’s not a spoiler. Season four had to be cut short due to the pandemic and fans had no idea that their characters were on their way out.

So, to give Adrian Boseman and Lucca Quinn a proper goodbye, both actors will return for the first episode of season five.

Lindo is leaving the show to headline a potential new series called Harlem’s Kitchen, while Jumbo is preparing to take to the stage in London as Hamlet.

The Good Fight is expected to return in the US later this year, let’s hope fans in the UK won’t be kept waiting too long to see it too.

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