Most Haunted star pens horror novel

Most Haunted’s Yvette Fielding is writing a horror novel, based on her experiences on the show.

The House in the Woods, the first book in The Ghost Hunter Chronicles, tells the story of three friends who decide to play with a Ouija board in an abandoned house on Halloween.

The book is described as Stranger Things meets Point Horror.

Speaking about her debut novel, Fielding said: “Much of the phenomena that I write about in the book I have experienced first-hand; knocking noises, poltergeist activity, objects flying through the air and hitting me on the head, I’ve experienced them all.

“I have adored writing these books for that fascinated child I was – I didn’t wake up and decide to write a children’s book, I just put pen to paper and wrote for me.”

The book will debut in October, followed by its sequel in 2022.

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