Are Sheen and Tennant seeing more Good Omens?

David Tennant and Michael Sheen could be back for a second season of Good Omens.

The first series was based on the book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and was available on both Amazon Prime and BBC Two.

Tennant played a demon called Crowley  alongside Sheen’s angel Aziraphale who team up to save Earth from the apocalypse.

According to reports, a second series will continue the plot “well beyond” the original story.

If it happens, filming is expected to begin later this year with the new shows set to air in 2022.

Gaiman previously told the Radio Times that he and Pratchett  had an idea for a sequel to Good Omens, but never wrote it

“It was about where the angels actually came from,” he said. “And having come up with that plot, we know that if people love this enough and if the time and the will is there, we could absolutely go back and do a lot more.”

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