Rogers: The Musical details revealed

It’s not often you get a crossover between stage musicals and Marvel superheroes, but that’s going to happen in the next big Marvel TV series, Hawkeye.

The latest trailer for the show gave fans a glimpse of Rogers: The Musical, a fiction broadway production that celebrates Captain America (and may give a nod towards a current Broadway show about one of America’s founding fathers).

It’s now been revealed that the writers of Hairspray worked with Marvel to create the show within a show.

Marc Shaiman and Scott Whitman have written a song focuses on the Avengers and the Battle of New York, after being approached by Marvel boss Kevin Feige.

Shaiman told that he was first approached by Feige at an Academy Awards dinner. The producer began a conversation about Shaiman’s screen work, and eventually tasked the pair with creating the Rogers song for Hawkeye, which is released on Disney Plus on 24th November.


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