Marcus Rashford pens new book for kids

Footballer Marcus Rashford is writing a new book for kids about a school breakfast club, based on is own experiences.

The Breakfast Club Adventures will be co-written by Alex Falase-Koya, and include lots of illustrations.

The story follows a 12-year-old fictional character called Marcus and his group of unlikely friends, who are thrown together at their school breakfast club.

Speaking about his latest project, Rashford said: “I wanted to create something that really captured the true spirit of Breakfast Club. Outside of making sure we got the best start to our days with cereal, toast and juice, it was where my friendships were made. Where we could just lose ourselves. A safe haven.

“Breakfast Club was where some of my greatest memories were formed, where we talked about our dreams and where adventures were planned, and it was important for me that we captured that in my first fiction book. Alex is a great writer who is able to capture that brilliantly and I’m thrilled that he’s on this journey with me.”

The Breakfast Club Adventures will be published in May 2022.


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