David Walliams serves up new book about Marmalade

David Walliams is publishing a new picture book about a baby panda called Marmalade.

The blurb for the book reads: One morning, deep in the forest, a beautiful baby panda is born. This panda is different to all the others, as he has dazzling orange fur. His mummy calls him Marmalade . . . And so begins the tale of a little panda who goes on a big adventure when he sets off alone to find out where he belongs.

Walliams is working with illustrator Adam Stower on the book, which will be published on 17th February.

Speaking about his latest title, Walliams said: “This book is like an early spring, colourful, light and joyous. Adam Stower has done a marvellous job on the illustrations, which bring my story to life. It tells the tale of a baby panda named Marmalade, who thinks he doesn’t fit because his fur is orange. Marmalade goes on an epic journey through the forest, meeting all the weird and wonderful creatures along the way, to find out where he belongs.”


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