George Ezra walks the length of Great Britain for new documentary

Brit Award-winner George Ezra is going to star in a new documentary following his attempt to walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats in 95 days.

Along the way he reconnects with the country following lockdown and also reflects on his music and fame.

The film, which is called End to End, will also include performances of tracks from his third album, Gold Rush Kid.

Speaking about the project, the singer said: “The journey we went on was incredible and it took me to a place that I’d been getting to in my mind. The way I was thinking was legitimised in a way by this trip. It slowed me right down and it made a world that was previously huge and daunting to me feel like a pinprick in a piece of paper.

“While I was on the walk, I started receiving mixes of the new songs I had been working on, so the journey was soundtracked by the new album and each made the other more meaningful.”


2 thoughts on “George Ezra walks the length of Great Britain for new documentary”

  1. You seriously need to look at a map of the UNITED KINGDOM before commenting on a tv programme about the UK! The first part of George’s walk is from Lands End in England to John O’Groats in Scotland. England stops at Gretna Green (a distance of 210miles), the remainder is within Scotland (a distance of 350 miles) so please stop thinking that the whole of the UK is called England.


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