GoT star leads Agatha Christie app

A new storytelling app based on Agatha Christie’s short story collection The Mysterious Mr Quin has launched today.

The app stars Game of Thrones actor Gethin Anthony in the lead role and is described as the first ‘digital drama’ of its kind.

Anthony, who played Renly Baratheon in the HBO series, stars as Mr Satterthwaite, a magazine editor whose live blog – taken over by the mysterious Mr Quin – is at the heart of a dark and sinister secret which is quickly unravelling.

The plot aims to take the audience through an array of content before ending with one of Christie’s classic denouements.

The production was shot entirely on personal devices (iPhone, GoPro), often by the characters themselves, to feel more like ‘real’ footage than traditional filming.

Viewers have a choice of ‘on demand’ or scheduled shows: as part of the ‘on demand’ version, story bricks and social messages are delivered in a timed fashion for readers to scroll through. In the scheduled shows’ ‘live’ format, viewers can participate within the narrative and communicate with the characters in real time, which its creators say gives them “a very personal and ‘in the moment’ feel”.

You can download the app from the usual places or visit for more information.


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