All-star cast set for King Lear

BBC Two is lining up some of the best British acting talent for a new film of King Lear.

The film will see Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson reunite once again. They’ll be joined by the likes of Andrew Scott and Jim Broadbent.

Hopkins will star as Lear in the film, which is being directed by Richard Eyre.

Jim Broadbent and Jim Carter will play Lear’s war ministers Gloucester and Kent while Andrew Scott is expected to play Edgar and Chrisopher Eccleston will play Oswald.

Emma Thompson is set to play Lear’s daughter Goneril with Emily Watson as Regan and Florence Pugh as Cordelia.

It’s thought the setting will be contemporary with the tyrannical Lear using the Tower of London as the base for his military dictatorship.

Filming is expected to begin in October.

One thought on “All-star cast set for King Lear”

  1. Wow – just spotted this on my way to bed. I OWE myself a Lear. Confession: never Seem it all the way through – only excerpts.

    Deal, buddy, I’ll bring the rose (if it’s summer!!).

    Thanks ✋️😊


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