Bake Off’s Toksvig is cooking up her memoirs

QI and Great British Bake Off host Sandi Toksvig has signed a deal to pen her memoirs.

The book will be based around what she sees from the upper deck of a London bus.

Between the Stops: The View of My Life from the Top of the Number 12 Bus will be published on 31st October and Toksvig will also read the audio edition.

Speaking about the book, Toksvig said: “Between the Stops is a sort of a memoir, my sort. It’s about a bus trip really, because it’s my view from the Number 12 bus (mostly top deck, the seat at the front on the right). It’s not a sensible way to write a memoir at all, probably, but it’s the way things pop into your head as you travel, so it’s my way.”

Described as “packed full of surprises”, the book roams from where to find the blue plaque for Una Marson, the first black woman programme maker at the BBC, to attending NASA’s launch of the first man on the moon.

It takes in Elephant and Castle’s female gangsters, climbing Mount Sinai, painful memories of being sent to Coventry while at a British boarding school and anecdotes about meeting Monica Lewinsky, Emma Thompson and John McCarthy.

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