The Testaments audiobook actors revealed

As anticipation for the release of Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale continues to build, the actors who will lend their voices to the audiobook of The Testaments have been revealed.

The new book is not told from the perspective of Offred, but instead from three other women connected to Gilead: a young woman raised in the oppressive society (369A); a Canadian teen who learns she was actually born there (369B); and Aunt Lydia, a major villain in both the original novel and the TV series.

Ann Dowd, who plays Aunt Lydia in the TV series, will reprise her role for the audiobook of The Testaments. She will be joined by Bryce Dallas Howard as Witness 369A, Mae Whiman as 369B.

Derek Jacobi and Tantoo Cardinal will read the roles of Professor James Darcy Pieixoto and Professor Maryanne Crescent Moon, the scholars who speak at an annual Gileadean studies conference long after the fall of the Republic in the book’s epilogue. The sixth reader is Atwood herself.

The Testaments audiobook will be released simultaneously with the book itself on 10th September.

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