The Master returns

John Simm is returning as Doctor Who’s The Master in a new audio adventure.

Simm will make his debut in Big Finish’s range of Doctor Who audio plays in January 2021, appearing in the story Masterful alongside a number of other actors who have played the Master.

Produced to mark the 50th anniversary of the character’s first appearance, Masterful will also feature both Derek Jacobi and Michelle Gomez (who played the first female incarnation of the Master, known as ‘Missy’).


The audio adventures will also feature Eric Roberts (the Master in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie) and Geoffrey Beevers (who played the character in 1980s Doctor Who), plus Mark Gatiss, Alex MacQueen and Milo Parker who have all played the character for Big Finish previously.

“It’s a real honour to play this character: the nemesis of the Doctor,” said Simm. “He’s everything the Doctor is but he’s evil. And it’s been great recording with Big Finish. You don’t get bored, it’s fantastic. It’s fun. It went really quickly. And I got to work with Derek Jacobi.”


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