Watch: The Muppets are back

Disney has released a special video call starring the Muppets to promote their new TV show.

The two minute trailer for Muppets Now features a video call, where Kermit announces that their idea for a new show got the green light. He then introduces the group to Joe, from the legal department, who gives them the run-down on the digital content they’ll be expected to create.

“What I think that Joe is trying to say is that Disney Plus just wants us to, you know, be ourselves and dream big,” says Kermit.

The first-ever streaming collection of “muppisodes” – a name Joe from legal says enhances the show’s intellectual property – will be unscripted and feature a host of guest stars as well as improvised comedy from the Muppets themselves.

Muppets Now episodes will be released weekly on Disney Plus from 31st July.

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