People are strange…

A new musical based on The Lost Boys is expected to premiere on Broadway in 2022.

Singer-songwriter G Tom Mac said the production is “nearly done” and is looking at premiering in New York run by 2022. It was originally meant to arrive in 2021 but has been delayed by the pandemic.

The 1987 film starred Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland and followed the story of a group of never-aging vampires in a small US town. It was directed by Joel Schumacher, and grossed over $32 million.

The new musical production is titled A Lost Boys Story and follows Sutherland’s character, David, who is an orphan from Lithuania that moves to America.

Malcolm McDowell is believed to be in talks to appear in the show.

Speaking to Syfy, Mac said that the production will also be looking for UK creatives: “Last summer, I went to England with one of my producers and met with various choreographers. It was my producer’s idea to search the London theatre world for some fresh creative talent. It was about three weeks to a month of just finding the right people and, of course, there are incredibly talented people in New York as well, which we had brought on.”

Listen to the concept album for the musical.

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