Gary Numan is writing a (R)evolution

Singer Gary Numan has signed a deal to write his autobiography.

According to the publishers, (R)evolution is “the story of one man, several dozen synthesisers, multiple issues and two fantastically disparate lives”. 

The book will “growing up in Greater London, where he was expelled from school; discovering his first synthesiser and conquering the music world in rapid time; his extravagance, the undiagnosed Asperger’s and the slow decline of a career that faded into near obscurity” as well as “a 20-plus year renaissance, catalysed by a date with the super-fan who was to become his wife, which allowed Gary to rediscover his creativity and produce some of his best and most successful music”.

Numan commented: “Writing a book about your life is a surprisingly intimate, uncomfortable journey. You see it’s not necessarily what we achieve in our lives that define who we are. The reasons why we tried in the first place often says more, or the way in which we handled the many setbacks along the way. We are all changed to some degree by life’s challenges, but it’s who we allow ourselves to become that matters. Writing this book taught me there’s considerable room for improvement.”

(R)evolution will be published on 22nd October.

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