James Bond joins SPECTRE

A new James Bond comic will be published in March which will see the spy join the mysterious SPECTRE.

It’s called James Bond: Agent of SPECTRE and will see Bond recruited into the organisation by Ernst Blofeld in order to end a power struggle that could have apocalyptic consequences.

The comic is being written by Christos Gage, who has previously worked on Marvel comics about Spider-Man and Iron Man. 

“I’ve been lucky enough to work on many iconic characters in my career, but this is my first time writing Bond, and I’m having a blast,” said Gage. “Throwing him into a web of intrigue with his archenemy Blofeld as an untrustworthy ally is thrilling enough, but to have the amazing Luca Casalanguida as my artistic collaborator, not to mention covers by legends Steve Epting and Sean Phillips, is an embarrassment of riches. They give me a license to kill … creatively … and I plan to use it!”

The new comic should keep Bond fans going until No Time to Die finally arrives in cinemas – whenever that might be.

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