Daisy May Cooper writes her memoirs

Comic actress Daisy May Cooper will release her memoirs later this year.

Don’t Laugh, It Will Only Encourage Her is described as “wonderful and ultimately uplifting”.

Cooper described the book as a “weird way of coping … trying to turn the bleakest situation into a positive”.

She added: “When things were really bad, Mum would always say to me, “Don’t worry, it will be a good read for your memoir one day”. Well, it seems that one day is today!

“I have lived the most humiliating, ridiculous, screw-up of a shit-storm life and it has been an utter joy digging up all that shit and putting it down on paper. Therapeutic even. I’m writing this memoir because I owe it myself to tell this story. I also really the need the money as we’ve got an ant infestation that needs sorting…”

Don’t Laugh, It Will Only Encourage Her will be published on 28th October.


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