Thunderbirds are Go…AGAIN

Thunderbirds is returning in a new series of audiobooks.

The first release, Thunderbirds: Terror from the Stars, is due to be released in May and is based on author John Theydon’s 1965 novel Thunderbirds.

The audiobook will include a message from actor David Graham, who voiced Lady Penelope’s trusted chauffeur Parker (as well as Brains and Gordon Tracy) in the original Thunderbirds television series in the 1960s but who has now opted to retire at the age of 96.

In the new audiobooks Parker will be voiced by Jon Culshaw, alongside Genevieve Gaunt as Lady Penelope. Culshaw will also provide the voice of Jeff Tracy.

The cast also includes Wayne Forester, Justin T Lee, Joe Jameson and Anna Leong Brophy.

“I grew up with Gerry Anderson’s shows, so working on this audiobook has been a delight,” said Culshaw. “I also love voicing contrasting characters – and they don’t get much more different than Jeff Tracy and Parker!”

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