Anthony Hopkins’ latest film to be released as an NFT

Anthony Hopkins is starring in a new film which will be released as a non-fungible token.

NFTs are all the rage in the tech community at the moment. I’m not an expert but from what I can tell they are something that is unique. The best example I found is the Mona Lisa, there is only one of that painting, you can take a photo of it but there will only ever be one original painting.

Hopkins’ film is called Zero Contact, and it’s thought to be the first feature film to be released as a NFT. It will be released on new NFT platform Vuele, which lets users users buy exclusive, limited edition films and collector content to watch, collect, sell and trade on the platform.

Zero Contact was shot using Zoom last year and Hopkins plays a tech titan, unsurprisingly, who has created a machine that is either the solution to all of mankind’s problems or means the end of life on earth.

The film will be released this summer.

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