Frasier’s on the move again

Kelsey Grammer has revealed some details about the planned Frasier revival.

Speaking to New York’s NBC4, he said the new series will see the character moving cities once again. He’s already moved from Boston, where Cheers was based, to Seattle.

“Frasier’s gonna change cities again,” Grammer said, calling his character “the George Bailey of television.

“He thinks he’s gonna go off and do one thing, and sure enough, his life takes him in another direction,” Grammer said.

The actor also confirmed plans for the reboot to address the death of John Mahoney, who played Frasier’s dad Martin: “We intend to deal with that some in the first episode,” the actor added.

He also confirmed that he’s “reached out to everybody” from the show’s original cast, including David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves and Peri Gilpin.

Frasier is set to return to the screen in the US via streaming service Paramount Plus.

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