Romesh Ranganathan writes children’s book

Comedian Romesh Ranganathan is turning his love of hip hop and baking into a new book for kids.

Lil’ Muffin Drops The Mic follows James, who, since the death of his dad, worries about everything, with only his love of baking proving a distraction.

When he hears someone rapping in the playground one break time, he gets hooked on that, too, creating tracks about his favourite things. Then he discovers that grime artist Brukka is on the hunt for new talent – which could be just what he needs, If he can just find the confidence…

Ranganathan said: “I have wanted to write a children’s book for ages but only if it combined baking and rapping – thankfully I have managed to make that dream come true. I came up with the idea on holiday and annoyed my family talking about it non-stop.

“I’m excited for [the book] to create a generation of baking rappers or baking Karate experts or dancing bakers. This book is about being whatever and whoever you want.”

Lil’ Muffin Drops the Mic is due to be released in July.


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