Adrian Edmondson goes berserk

Comedian and actor Adrian Edmondson will publish his memoirs this autumn.

Berserker! will cover his life his schooldays through to The Young Ones and beyond,.

Edmondson said he chose the title “because the dictionary definition of a berserker is a man who is out of control with anger and excitement, which seems to define much of what I’ve done, and much of what I am.

“And it defines many of the comedy characters I played in my life. Vyvyan Bastard, Sir Adrian Dangerous Eddie Hitler. Fair enough.

“And who but a  berserker would slap on the brakes on his motorcycle and drive headlong into a busy junction to prove that he was alive. Now that seems true.”

Berserker! will be published on 29th September in hardback, ebook and audiobook, read by the author himself.


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