Spandau star turns author

Marin Kemp will publish his first novel later this year.

The former Spandau Ballet bassist and EastEnders star, has signed a two-book deal with publisher Harper Collins.

The first book, titled The Game, will debut on 9th November.

The novel tells the story of Johnny Klein, a fallen 1980s pop star who has lost everything.

But when Johnny is thrown a lifeline by an old contact in the music business, he finds himself dragged into London’s dark underbelly with more at stake than his own shattered ego.

Speaking about the book, Kemp said: “I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am releasing my first novel with Harper Collins.

“I have written film scripts and biographies in the past, but fiction is a different ball game and one I absolutely love losing my head in. It’s based around a character I have carried with me for years.

“I’m just so pleased to be able to finally breathe life into him and to introduce you to Johnny Klein and The Game.”


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