Bake Off winner Candice to publish debut book

Candice Brown, winner of the 2016 Great British Bake Off, will publish her debut cookbook this summer.

The book is described as being “all about home comforts”, with Candice shating “close to her heart” recipes in the book that she learned from her nan and mum.

The recipes will be easy to make and “no nonsense” for a variety of occasions, including baking with kids, birthday parties for all ages, Christmas, afternoon tea, quick savoury bakes for weeknights and “fancier” recipes for the weekend.

Recipes include Toffee apple crumble, Cornflake tart, Triple layer berry cake, Christmas cake, a perfect roast chicken, black pudding sausage rolls, Tattie scones, Pork and apple pasties and homemade pork scratchings.

Candice said: “I am so excited and beyond proud to be able to share with you my very first book. It is filled with recipes that I love, my family and friends love and I hope you will love them too. I am all about comfort food, decadent bakes and huge slices!

It has been my absolute pleasure testing and writing these recipes that I encourage you to try, change and make your own. Baking shouldn’t be scary or difficult and I think my book will show this Bake, share and smile.”

The book, which doesn’t have a title yet, will be released in July.


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