Frozen The Musical confirms London transfer

The stage musical of Frozen will open in London’s West End in autumn 2020.

The show will debut at Theatre Royal Drury Lane after the theatre’s refurbishment.

The musical, whch has already been a smash on Broadway, is based on the 2013 Disney movie of the same name – the most successful animated film ever, with box office takings of more than £1.25 billion.

Producers have announced the London production will open wth a brand new cast, meaning the actors from the New York version won’t be transferring.

According to director Michael Grandage, the London production won’t be exactly the same as the New York one: “We don’t want to just replicate a production,” he told BBC News. “We want it to evolve and respond to the time of watching it.

“And so London will offer us an opportunity to make some adjustments, enhance and develop everything. We want to give a bespoke production in England. On one level it could be technical, the magic we use in the show, the spectacle… we want to make sure we evolve with the technology that’s available to us.”

Ticket details have not yet been announced.

One thought on “Frozen The Musical confirms London transfer”

  1. Charlotte is going to get Frozen next year on tour. I have been dying to see Frozen since it opened on Broadway- of all shows coming to Charlotte, Frozen is the highest up. Have loved Frozen since the movie. Thankful for the tours-without them, wouldn’t be able to go the theatre to see musicals.

    As a matter of fact, this upcoming season is one of my hometown’s strongest seasons.


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