Which Oscar-winner is directing Coca Cola’s Christmas 2020 TV ad?

It’s that time of year. Coca Cola is gearing up to bring out the big guns and get us all feeling festive.

And this year, they’ve brought in an Oscar-winner to direct their TV ad.

And, it is none other than Taika Waititi.

According to Campaign, this year’s ad tells the story of a girl wanting to spend time with her father who has to work during the festive season.

The daughter hands her dad a note to deliver to Santa, which he then forgets to post on his way to work, prompting him to embark on a mad dash to the North Pole in search of Father Christmas.

After discovering that Santa is not home, the dad is awestruck to see the Coca-Cola truck arrive with Santa at the wheel.

Once the letter has been delivered, Santa agrees to give the man a lift home, fulfilling his daughter’s festive wish to spend Christmas with her dad.

The advert is set to launch next month.

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