Julian Clary is writing an ‘autobi-dog-raphy’

Julian Clary is writing a second biography, but this one will be told through the dogs in his life.

The Lick of Love, which is out in October, will focus on Fanny The Wonder Dog, his on-stage companion in his early career, and subsequent pets Valerie, a whippet cross-breed; Albert, a Jack Russell cross, and Gigi, “an unpredictable fur bullet of a dog”.

The new book is the follow-up to A Young Man’s Passage, which was published in 2005.

Speaking about the book, Clary said: “Whatever else is going on, it is the water bowl in the kitchen, the dog hair on my jumper, the knowing gaze from the dog in the basket beside me that comforts me and tells me that all is well.”

“The Lick of Love is, if you will, an autobi-dog-raphy, and tells the tale of how my canine companions have guided me and helped me through a fun and frisky life.”

The Lick of Love will be published on 12th October.

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