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It was the Bride…

John Watson comes face to face with the Abominable Bride in a new trailer for the Sherlock special.

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The one to watch this Christmas?

I’m getting very excited about BBC One’s Christmas line-up this year, especially as they’ve released some images featuring Aidan Turner, Benedict Cumberbatch and Peter Capaldi.

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Sherlock starts filming soon!


Mark Gatiss has revealed the Sherlock Christmas special will begin filming on January 6.

He says he doesn’t know when we’ll get to see it though as “that’s up to the BBC”. In an interview with India Today, Gatiss said the special will be a completely new story “it’s almost entirely original – not really based on any of the stories” he said.

Once the special has been filmed the cast and crew will then turn their attention to three more episodes.

In the interview the show’s co-creator was asked if viewers will get to see John and Mary’s baby but, as usual, he wouldn’t answer the question: “We know that Mary is expecting a baby at the end of season three” he said. “We will see the child – maybe at some point in the future, depending on where we pick up from”.

All I can say is the sooner they start filming the sooner we can see it!