Downton Abbey creator to launch new app

Julian Fellowes is launching a serialised novella through a new app later this year.

Julian Fellowes’s Belgravia is set in the 1800s and will be released as a “new publishing product” that will be released over 10 weekly installments.

The first part will be released on April 8 and will be free to download to an e-reader or mobile device. From then on, each episode will be released the following Friday at noon.

Fans will be able to either read or listen to the story each week, it’ll be released with both options, and can either buy all 10 further episodes upfront “on subscription” for £9.99, or pay £1.49 per episode. Users will be sent an alert each time a new episode is available.

The story revolves around the relationships between two families, and launches the story from the Duke of Wellington’s ball In Brussels. The ball is eventful because, just before 1a.m., a messenger reveals that Napoleon has advanced across the border; and, still in their finery, officers rush to fight, leaving many dead on the battlefield.

From this historical starting point, attending the ball are social climbers James and Anne Trenchard, along with their beautiful daughter Sophia who has “caught the eye of” Edmund Bellasis, son and heir of one of the most prominant families. At the ball, “something” happens to change the course of events for both families forever.

Speaking about the app, Fellowes said: “I was very intrigued by the idea from the start”.

“To marry the traditions of the Victorian novel to modern technology, allowing the reader (or listener) an involvement with the characters and the background of the story and the world in which it takes place that would not have been possible until now, and yet to preserve within that the strongest traditions of story-telling, seems to me a marvellous goal and a real adventure”.


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