BBC’s Dan Walker to write about Remarkable People

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker has signed a deal to write a new book celebrating the goodness, kindness and humanity in people.

Remarkable People: A Celebration of Goodness, Kindness and Humanity is scheduled to be released in October 2020.

Throughout his professional life, Walker says he has encountered “a stream of remarkable people with intriguing and uplifting stories.” 

According to the synopsis, his new book will “highlight and celebrate altruism and self-sacrifice, typified by a deep concern for others and countless random acts of kindness”.

Walker commented: “I am really excited about this book. My various jobs have given me the privilege of meeting and interviewing some remarkable people over the past 20 years. Time spent with them has had a lasting impact on me and I hope you will enjoy spending time with them too. I have learnt so much from them and, at an increasingly uncertain time, those lessons feel more important than ever.”

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